“We can either exercise our own mind or pass on to others the responsibility of knowledge and accept their verdicts more or less uncritically.”
— Nathaniel Branden, Author


Having a guide to help on your financial path is as easy as enrolling in our DSS Money Masters program, a one-year consultation program to give you confidence in your finances. Think of us like a second medical opinion.

You can complete our comprehensive questionnaire and we'll schedule an initial, 30-minute consultation by phone to discuss your most pressing needs. We'll go over each section of your questionnaire, answer any questions you have and make suggestions. No pitching products, just providing guidance to make sure you are on the right track.

If you want to engage Ilene for the annual program, which includes the initial consultation and follow-up presentation of your personalized report, you can join with a one-time consultation fee of $250; add quarterly follow-up discussions for the year for an additional $100. But not until we have agreed on our one-year plan.

It doesn't matter if you're looking to decipher your investments or build a budget from scratch, we all need help sometimes. All it takes to get started is completing one of our questionnaires.


You and your money: continuing the journey

Our public workshops are 3-hours long, and cover critical topics in financial literacy:

  • Macro and Micro Economic Viewpoint

  • Understanding Risk

  • Understanding Compounding

  • Understanding Leverage

  • Protection Strategies

  • Investment Types

  • Financial Decision-Making


If you would like us to contact your organization to bring the full program in-house, send us an email with contact information, and we'll do the rest! 



DSS Money Masters Consulting

When your financial situation is complicated, we can work with you on a consulting basis, charging by the hour to review your current situation and make suggestions for the future. Like our Money Masters Program, you'll receive a comprehensive report following our meeting.