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Today, more than ever, Financial Literacy must start at an early age. Too many young adults go out into the world completely unarmed to navigate the myriad of complex financial decisions they face. Financial Literacy, introduced at age appropriate levels and in age appropriate conversations, can help guide young people to a better understanding of issues involved in financial decision-making. DSS Consulting is proud to have worked with young people of various ages, guiding them to save, invest and plan for their future. We build programs with the input of educators, to help ensure your students get the proper approach to age appropriate topics.

Our programs can ease the transition from school to real world, by giving students the baseline knowledge, the problem solving skills, the collaborative process skills and the agency to put it all into practice.


Geared to teens and young adults, this program presents Financial Literacy through the lens of financial goal-setting and financial decision-making. Topics include: Budgeting, Saving and Investing. This is a fast-paced and fun way for attendees to gain critical information and skills to help shape their future.  (8 hours - can be broken into segments to fit into the school day)

change your story, change the outcome: teens

Geared to your middle and high school student, this program empowers young people by encouraging them to examine self-talk and helping them to explore ways to change it from less constructive to constructive. Through a series of shared, guided conversations, students experience this shift in thinking during the program and is designed to be a springboard for other, future-oriented discussions. This program is customized for each audience; working with you and your school we incorporate real-life examples which allows us to bring the most relevant experience to your students.

coming soon:

life skills and financial literacy camp

We are in the process of planning week-long camps that incorporate the skills that students need for success post-school.

missioncritical: Life Skills

MissionCritical is a series of self-directed webinars. Life Skills is specific to teens and young adults. Other topics in the series include Cybersecurity and Financial Literacy.

While we prefer to teach our programs, we are happy to provide a Teaching Guide for schools that wish to present in-house. For pricing on guides and to ask about our customized programs, give us a call at 202-599-4141, or email Ilene at