Ilene Lockman Slatko, Principal & Founder

As a native Washingtonian, I grew up loving this city and its people. As the daughter of an architect, I watched how communities grew stronger, or weaker, based on the available infrastructure.

For almost 30 years, my career was spent providing education and investment guidance to my clients.

I first authored Women and Their Money in 1987, and presented it in the DC metro area.  Thrillingly, surprising, it grew to standing room-only audiences. Eventually, the video version of the program was stocked on local library shelves, and educational TV carried the program.

Moving out of the area, I brought my programs with me. To Delaware and to North Carolina. To small groups and to large. Women, teens and corporate groups all participated. I began to see that my real value was not in providing investment advice and management for clients, although I have loved that part of my career. My real value was in the ability to explain complex subjects and to impact, through marginal changes, the course of people’s lives.

No one knows better than I that life can take you in unplanned directions. Without understanding financial literacy, the choices we make can be devastating and unintended. In a world where so many cannot even pass a basic financial literacy test, my resolve to answer this need is strong.

DSS Consulting: Building something new

In early 2017 I returned to my hometown, a city I still love, to build something new.

My goal with DSS Consulting is to provide financial literacy programs that help people more effectively navigate the world of personal finance. The value of even a brief dive on the basics of financial literacy cannot be overstated - personal finance is a means to real autonomy, stability, and fulfillment. In leveraging corporate programming to support public seminars, I hope to build better teams, bolster the human resources of top firms, and contribute in some small way to the communities we all call home.

We're all on a path. Let us help you build yours.