“Understanding money is not intuitive. And it doesn’t really matter how much you have. Knowing how to make smart financial decisions is a learned skill.”



When you offer financial literacy programs you are ahead of 75% of other businesses. Let us be a strong and unique part of your competitive retention package. Help your employees feel knowledgeable and secure in managing their personal finances.


Life is a journey, and the right path isn't always clear. Access individualized guidance on your financial decisions through the DSS Money Masters program. You can also ask for our programs at work or in your community. Contact us to schedule.


A critical part of building better teams, companies and communities starts with individuals understanding money and how to make good financial decisions.

Your employees may never ask, but like other programs you already offer for their benefit, they’ll thank you for bringing financial literacy programs in-house. DSS Consulting provides financial literacy programming for corporate teams, helping to shape the base of any successful firm: empowered employees.

Support of our corporate programming goes towards providing public seminars for women and young adults, on behalf of the corporate partner. By reinforcing financial literacy where you live and work, you can fuel progress in your community and seed an environment ripe for your products and services.

We have been improving financial literacy since 1987. Come join us.